The Evolution Of Ballpoint Pens

The Evolution Of Ballpoint Pens
By Michael K John

Though becoming lesser in use today due to the ubiquitous presence of computers, pens are still a favourite for many, especially students and officials who need to put their signature on various documents. In the history of pens, ballpoint pens are a later entry as fountain pens were the ones who brought a radical change in the art of writing first. Ballpoint pens are the result of the 20th century technology where manufacturing capabilities had been undergoing several changes in all fields of life.

John Loud is credited with taking the first patent for ballpoint pens in 1888 as he wanted something different to write with from the fountain pens that were in vogue then. Loud wanted a tool to write on his leather products and thus he developed a pen with a rotating steel ball at the tip, which was capable of putting letters on the leather items that Loud had. Though Loud succeeded in making an instrument as he wanted, the pen he created made coarse letters on paper and was therefore not very popular then.

Several new modifications and developments took place in the creation of ballpoint pens and though each one was better than its predecessor, each had its own defects like ink leaks and coarse writing. The earliest versions of ballpoint pens as they are made today was invented by L�szl� B�r�, the editor of a Hungarian newspaper, who wanted to have a pen that saved the time of filling up ink in a fountain pen as well as avoided the smudges of ink on the paper. After several attempts, finally he made a pen with a rotating ball at tip that rotated on its own in the socket and prevented the ink from smudging. In 1938, he took the patent for this pen.

From here, ballpoint pens went through a lengthy evolution that is still continuing. Today, you’ll find these pens in all different shapes, sizes and colours and are made to suit the tastes of different people and generations. If you want a pen to last longer you could get those which have replaceable refills. You could also find disposable pens that are used till the ink lasts and then thrown away. From the elegant pens for professionals to the ones with cartoon pictures for children, you could purchases different types of ballpoint pens.

Just as the pens provide variety in their colours, styles and sizes, you’ll find variety in the stores from which you buy them as well. From the local stores at the corner next to your house to the online stores that sell branded pens, you have now different options to purchase ballpoint pens from.

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