Office Supplies – How to Purchase and When to Purchase

Office Supplies – How to Purchase and When to Purchase

Office Supplies – How to Purchase and When to Purchase
By Kathy Mercado

When you are planning to start a business, then of course there are many things you have to deal with. One such thing is choosing the right office supplies. Since there is a wide array of supplies available, obviously, it will be quite confusing for the office owners with regard to the supplies to be chosen. Obviously, the first task here is to find out a right place for purchasing all kinds of supplies that you are looking for. Choosing the right kind of supplies is really a serious task, as the office will function according to the office supplies that you have chosen. Some of the most chosen supplies are staplers, books, office pads, printer pads, pens, computers etc.

You need to be quite clear regarding which are the office supplies will be useful for you. However, it is not all over with just choosing the right kind of office supplies for your office. On the other hand, you should also be well knowledgeable of tips regarding the maintenance of these supplies. Make sure that the supplies, which you will be using often, are in easy reach i.e. they should close to the place where you have been seated. The supplies, which you will not use everyday should be placed in a separate closet such that you can employ them whenever necessary and at the same time, you can save some of your office space and thereby, making your office neat and tidy.

Finally, whenever you find some stores offering supplies for cheap prices, make sure that you are adding it to your office along with the supplies you already have in your office. Therefore, make your office absolutely good looking with the help of supplies.

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How to Save Money on Office Supplies

How to Save Money on Office Supplies
By Aaron Gerard

There are many business supply purchasing tips you may already use. Office supply purchasing can easily be simplified following just a few simple steps. These tips will help you save time and money on your next purchase.

Suppose you know the item number of office products you would like to order. Most office supply companies have websites that allow you to quickly add office supply items to your cart. These featured pages are commonly known as, “add products by SKU page, or add products by item number pages.” These featured pages allow purchasers to add the item number of the product they want and the quantity all on one page. Once you are finished, you can quickly add all these office products to your cart at once, as opposed to individually entering them. As an office supply purchasing agent, you will save time and money for your company.

Shopping sites such as, Google Shopping will allow one to easily find the correct supplies at the right price. Google Shopping allows you to shop products across many office supply merchants. Once you have found the office product you want, you can sort by price, shipping charges, condition, seller rating, etc. This Google feature will help you pick exactly the office product that you want, at the right price.

Ecommerce office retailer companies tend to be the best. These online companies have very little overhead, as compared to the bigger office supply companies. This means lower pricing on office products. You can find many well know online office supply companies through Google Product Search.

Don’t forget to buy your business supplies and office products in bulk. If you are looking to get a good price and have a large quantity to order, contact the supplier directly. They are always looking for orders such as this, where both parties mutually benefit on price.

Free shipping is also key to saving money on office supplies. Most companies offer free shipping. However, be sure to read the fine print. Few companies offer free shipping on freight items. This is a big disadvantage to customers who buy bulk office items such as, desks, chairs, tables, etc. Finding office supply companies that offer free shipping on freight will save your company a ton of money.

Buy generic brands. A brand name paperclip is hardly no different from a generic brand paperclip. You can easily save 20-30% buying generic products. You can find all sorts of generic products. In fact, most of the office supplies you buy offer generic brands such as, rubber bands, pens, paper, staples, binder clips, mailing boxes, folders, etc.

I hope these tips will help you on your next office purchase. Just remember to follow these simple tips, and you will be able to save money on your next purchase. Once you have found a good supplier, there is no sense not to stick with that supplier. As long as they are giving you the same prices and great service, there is no reason to waste your time switching back and forth to different vendors. Good luck.

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