An Overview of a Very Popular Writing Pen For You

An Overview of a Very Popular Writing Pen For You

By Simon Kendal

Fountain pens are really special for the ones using it, especially when it is Mont Blanc fountain pen. Mont Blanc offers you a wide range of fountain pens that you can pick which you like the best. Also the selection of Mont Blanc fountain pens depends on the value of your budget.

Prices of some of their fountain pens merely equal the price of your home. This can tell you about the quality of their fountain pens. Another important to note before buying a Mont Blanc fountain pen is that you should have already experienced in using fountain pens.

These type of pens generally need some skill for using it as it produces some exquisite scripts. If you are a beginner searching for one that writes with a fountain like style, then it is highly recommended for you to have a trial and confirm that you are comfortable with these writing tools.

If you are a beginner then there is an alternative approach for buying these types of tools. You can just try many of their alternative writing supplies that cost a bit less.

The script produced by the roller balls pens are exactly similar to the scripts produced by Mont Blanc fountain ones.

These writing tools are really worth for the money you spend or it can be even considered as an investment as there are chances for its value to increase as time pass by. If you choose one as a gift it will be one of the most precious one for any person who receives it.

Choosing the right type of fountain writing tool for gifting is very important.

The price of a black precious resin made Starwalker is around $300. This price is only the base price of this pen and there are possibilities for price to increase for the variation in the Starwalker model. The most famous one that is becoming a hit in the market currently is the Meisterstuck. Some people think it may be to pricey but that all depends on what you really want.

As I already said that there are some pens from Mont Blanc that can easily equally the cost of a person’s home. Even if you are not having thousands of dollars you can still afford to buy a these pens as a gift for your friends or for your love. Boheme and Etoile are the models which you can present for your loved ones and friends.

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Pen Biology 101: The Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen
By William D Ake

Welcome to the Pen Biology 101 class. In this class we will peer into the mysteries of the most dangerous instrument of all: The Pen. Many people quote Edward Bulwer-Lytton when they say “The pen is mightier than the sword”, but how can this be? Let’s explore by starting with the fountain pen.

The History

Fountain pens are a refinement of pens that have been around for a mind-boggling long time. In fact, the first pens bore little resemblance of what fountain pens are today. For pens, it all started with a sharpened reed. This reed was dipped in ink and then was used to write on papyrus. This was the most common (and possibly only) type of pen used when the Bible was written. But, this constant dipping was painstaking and messy. The ink was either dried up or was consumed on the paper within seconds of writing, so it had to be dipped constantly. Additionally, the tips didn’t stay sharp for long.

The iconic quill pen came next and solved some of these problems. The quill pen was slightly better than the reed because it had the characteristic slit cut into the quill allowing for ink to be stored and the tips stayed sharper for longer. This pen was used in medieval times to write down records of deaths and other useful information. It was even used to write the United States Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

But even before that, some historians believe that the first modern fountain pen was used way back in the tenth century by an early innovator. It is believed that the man using this pen didn’t want to get his hands dirty anymore with his ink so he asked some clever engineers to come up with something better. They created a nib with an ink reservoir, similar in concept to what is used today.

The Species

There are many types of fountain pens, but the most common is the nib and cartridge pen. These pens use metal nibs with a slit in the metal to dispense the ink. This slit is then connected to an ink cartridge or pump where the ink is held. How the pen writes is pure science. Let’s take a molecule of ink, for example. This molecule is surrounded by other molecules of the same type inside an ink cartridge. When writing, gravity pulls one molecule out on to the paper and, because of molecular bonding, another ink molecule comes out with it, which pulls another and so on. This is called Capillary Action and it is a major part of how this type of fountain pen works.

The next type of fountain pen is the dip pen. These, as the name implies, must be dipped constantly in ink in order to write with them. These are the predecessors of modern fountain pens and include the aforementioned quill and reed pens along with modern dip pens. The modern dip pen is able to hold a slightly larger amount of ink than the quill pen and has a metal tip.

The Physiology

Modern fountain pens come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. All of which, however, have two parts: The nib and the ink.

The Nib

The nib is the most characteristic part of the pen. It has the fancy metal work and, more importantly, does the writing. Nibs, like pens, come in many sizes and widths. Nib sizes go from Extra-fine (really, really small print) to Extra-wide (think of the Grand Canyon). There are different classifications of nibs as well. Circular nibs have what looks like a little ball at the end of the nib. A stub nib is the same as a circular nib only elongated horizontally. An italic nib is the widest nib horizontally and is often used in calligraphy. Each nib has a different effect when writing. The circular nib’s writing is the same as a normal ballpoint pen, but because of how wide the stub and italic nibs are, you can create special effects.

The Ink

The Ink is like the fountain pen’s blood. If it is too runny, it bleeds. If it doesn’t write, then it has a blood clot and it needs to go seek medical attention. What I am talking about is called the ink’s viscosity, or how liquid the ink is. Too viscous and the pen won’t write at all, and if it is not viscous enough the ink flows too much. Ink flow is also related to nib size as to how much comes out through the nib. The bigger the nib, the greater the amount of ink that hits the page. Another aspect of ink is its pH value. pH measures the acidity of the ink on a range of 0 to 14, where 0 is acidic and 14 is basic (think the opposite of acidic), and 7 is neutral. Ink that is at a neutral pH is ideal because it will not react with the paper it is written on. Acidic and Basic ink will react with the paper and will degrade both the paper and ink, thereby sacrificing the integrity of the document.

So why is a pen dangerous?

The main reason us that it is sharp, not only physically but also socially. A man or woman with a fountain pen is a force to be reckoned with, especially if he or she knows how to use it. It can create beautiful lines of text and can make you look like a pro. In many cases, it is much easier to write with because very little pressure is needed to make the ink flow. It has rubbed shoulders with the Declaration of Independence and has shaken hands with the God of the Bible. All in all, the fountain pen is an admired work of art for any group of people, young and old, and shall be for years to come.

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The Evolution Of Ballpoint Pens

The Evolution Of Ballpoint Pens
By Michael K John

Though becoming lesser in use today due to the ubiquitous presence of computers, pens are still a favourite for many, especially students and officials who need to put their signature on various documents. In the history of pens, ballpoint pens are a later entry as fountain pens were the ones who brought a radical change in the art of writing first. Ballpoint pens are the result of the 20th century technology where manufacturing capabilities had been undergoing several changes in all fields of life.

John Loud is credited with taking the first patent for ballpoint pens in 1888 as he wanted something different to write with from the fountain pens that were in vogue then. Loud wanted a tool to write on his leather products and thus he developed a pen with a rotating steel ball at the tip, which was capable of putting letters on the leather items that Loud had. Though Loud succeeded in making an instrument as he wanted, the pen he created made coarse letters on paper and was therefore not very popular then.

Several new modifications and developments took place in the creation of ballpoint pens and though each one was better than its predecessor, each had its own defects like ink leaks and coarse writing. The earliest versions of ballpoint pens as they are made today was invented by L�szl� B�r�, the editor of a Hungarian newspaper, who wanted to have a pen that saved the time of filling up ink in a fountain pen as well as avoided the smudges of ink on the paper. After several attempts, finally he made a pen with a rotating ball at tip that rotated on its own in the socket and prevented the ink from smudging. In 1938, he took the patent for this pen.

From here, ballpoint pens went through a lengthy evolution that is still continuing. Today, you’ll find these pens in all different shapes, sizes and colours and are made to suit the tastes of different people and generations. If you want a pen to last longer you could get those which have replaceable refills. You could also find disposable pens that are used till the ink lasts and then thrown away. From the elegant pens for professionals to the ones with cartoon pictures for children, you could purchases different types of ballpoint pens.

Just as the pens provide variety in their colours, styles and sizes, you’ll find variety in the stores from which you buy them as well. From the local stores at the corner next to your house to the online stores that sell branded pens, you have now different options to purchase ballpoint pens from.

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