Delta Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Fountain Pen Limited Edition (DH83051-F)

Delta Hawaii Kanaka Maoli Fountain Pen Limited Edition (DH83051-F)

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Delta Kanaka Maoli (Hawaii) Ltd Edition Fountain Pen


  • The Collection: Limited to only 100 pieces the Celebration offers the most characterizing elements in solid sterling silver.  The baroque ring offers also an aquamarine natural stone. Also available 898 special fountain pens with lateral lever system.1898 fountain pens with converter and 1898 ballpoints. All fountain pens offer an 18 carat nib.
  • The Hawaii islands rise in the north-oriental part of the Pacific.  The Hawaiian aborigines, Kanaka Maoli, are of Polynesian origin.  The sea is the main protagonist of these islands: in fact it was from the sea that the first inhabitants coming from the Polynesian islands arrived.  The equilibrium of the archipelago, lasting various centuries, came to an end when Captain James Cook, the first European arrived in the islands... in 1898 the Hawaii islands were annexed by the United States and in 1959 became the 50th state.
  • The Kanaka Maoli, warriors and fishermen, aborigine of these lands were the rhythm of life in perfect harmony with the body and the mind, where everything follows the harmonious movement of the ocean waves, the Hula dance the gestures of martial arts and the ancient art of the Lomi messages.  Their language resembles in some way that of the Tahitians or the Maori from New Zealand.  Kanaka Maoli - People in spiritual harmony where all is connected to nature by means of respecting the mother Earth, the father Ocean, and the rest of humanity.


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